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What is Anime? A Brief Lesson To Japanese Anime



Anime also pronounce as "ah-knee-may" in Japan, is a form of animated movies, shows or Video which is only made in Japan. Generally, Japanese people use anime for all kind of animated videos, but for people living outside Japan, it is only refer to Animations from Japan. Japanese anime are all different from the cartoon we see in our countries. Japanese colorful character, the vibrant and the approach to critical topics are what makes Japanese anime different from our version of animated show i.e Cartoon.


People from all around the world admire the beauty of anime. And to be honest, many children and adults as well only know Japan because of the Anime they produce. People of this generations are really blessed when we compare it to the adult of 90s. Because for decades anime were only made and consume in the Japan. It is only after the 90s that the Japanese Anime started to aired outside of Japan. The scene has been changed; now you can watch almost all the latest anime the same day it aired in Japan. Also, few anime streaming sites offer Anime for viewers to access anytime possible.


History of Anime



The History of Anime is date backs to 1900 at the time when Japanese film industry was just growing. It used to be the 2d artwork which first laid the foundation of a revolution that changed the Japanese culture. Now people of Japan not just watch Anime, but they also express Anime. In the early stage, Anime were mostly based on Manga which is the Japanese version of Comic books that we have in the west.


Anime and World War 2



Till that day Anime was there in Japan, but it wasn't that popular. It is when the World War 2 happen, the Japanese creator took this time to promote propaganda via Anime, and it is that time when the anime really took off. People till date saw Anime as commercials element or government propaganda. It is until post World War in 1948 to be exact when the first full fledged anime movie was released. That anime was a big hit in Japan as well as outside of Japan.


The Anime industry was growing, but all of them were mostly produced and consumed in the Japan. The very first film to release outside of Japan was the Shōnen Sarutobi Sasuke in 1962. This one Anime movie was the first that people from the USA watched and became an instant fan of Anime. The rest is history.


If you want to learn more about the history of Anime, then check out this Wikipedia page. It has everything you need to know about anime.


How is Anime Different from Other Animated Shows?


We have seen many people talking anime as different from other cartoons that we have in the west. But how different we have? Let's find out...






The first thing you notice about any anime is how different the characters are from the usual cartoon. They are colorful and interesting. They are mostly human character but with slight tweaks like that heavy head or that modified body to show the power or weakness of any character. The hair is another important factor for any character. They are interesting and something that you don't see in the cartoons.


And honestly, Anime doesn't spread racism, unlike cartoons. You see in cartoons they often represent a black guy as a villain or an Arab guy speaking in some funny accent in the negative character. But in Anime, you don't find that. Anime mostly deal sensitively.




Music of Animes are different. It is indescribable but enjoyable at the same time. Many people love to listen to anime songs than mainstream songs. This is the reason why we see many people going after the anime songs.




OK, we know how anime character and anime songs are different from cartoons, but the thing that really makes all different is the story. Anime most touch the sensitive topic that most people would avoid and serve to the viewers in a funny but approachable way. This is the main reason behind the growing market for anime. Some estimates that the anime market is well above $19 Billion. That is huge.




Anime use technology very extensively. They are well ahead of many Sci-Fi movie. Their anime are always around the latest technology. Take Legend of the Galactic Heroes as an example. This anime was released in 1988, and it talks about space and space colony. Where do you see those forward thinking tech shows?


Anime and Manga


Anime and Manga are closely related to each other but is not the same. It is almost like the relationship between Cartoon and Comic. You can read more about Manag from here- What is Manga and What you Need to Know.


Best Anime for Beginners



Best Anime for Beginners


If you are beginners and wants to explore the world of anime, then I would suggest start watching these below-mentioned animes. These are perfect for beginners. With these anime, you will understand the depth anime, and if you find them interesting, then you can watch further.

These are the five anime that I recommend to anyone who is starting out with Anime.


Anime are Different, and that is what makes it interesting. What do you think about anime? We are here to hear you out. Let's have discussions in the comments.


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